Greetings from Seoul!!!!

28 Sep

Anneyeong Haseyo! (Hello)


Have had a great 2 days in Korea! Minus the continuous down pour of rain which they are referring to as monsoon season!!
Today complete with lightning and winds that blew our umbrellas inside out, luckily that part didn’t last more than half an hour and it didn’t seem to faze the millions of people bustling around the streets. Everyone goes down the street with their umbrella at different levels so you can still pass by on the sidewalks.

Day 1: Our first venture out was to a huge mall underground and conviently under our hotel, it’s city blocks big…and found all our favorite American restraunts…McDonalds, Coffee Bean, Starbucks, On the Boarder, TGI Friday’s…you name it! and many things open 24 hours.

Next stop was to navigate the subway system to start exploring…Seoul has a fantastic subway system and also many buses making it quick and easy to get to about every corner of the city, pretty easy to use and the korean girls jump at an opportunity to talk to us, so any look of confusion they were there to give us directions. They were very interested in us being from LA, and it was fun talking to them about their schooling, fashion, and things to do in the city. We visited a palace, amazing art in the main palace and neat little buildings built around the grounds with traditional guards placed around the outer walls. Next we went to Insa-Dong which is a big out door shopping street with cool little korean shops.

Day 2:
Today we went shopping with everyone were here working with at the part of town called Dongdeamun, 3 main shopping centers all next to eachother in buildings that look like skyscrapers! Literally thousands of shops and open til 430 AM!!!!!! With 4 girls you can imagine that this outting completed most of our day..haha! Came back to our hotel to set up for our first day of work tomorrow and had a nice korean dinner with a lot of noodles, spicy soups, kimchi, and an assortment of other things that tasted really good, but was better not to ask what it contained!
Feel quite rich here having 10,000 money notes….which is called 10,000 won and equals 10 dollars! haha but its fun buying a drink for 2,000 anything!

Going to bed for now! You will all be starting your day, it’ll be a good one, i’ve done it already haha!

Love, Jenny